Ahok’s supporters have taken to Instagram and Twitter — with Jakarta being the Twitter capital of the world — to thank Ahok for leading the capital in the past two and a half years.

On Instagram, there were over 4,800 posts using the hashtag #terimakasihahok, or “thank you Ahok,” by Friday morning (21/04). There were also more than 1,000 posts using the hashtag #terimakasihahokdjarot, or “thank you Ahok and Djarot.”

Both hashtags were also trending on Twitter, as well as another hashtag #AhokForNobel, recommending the governor for the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize.

The hashtag was first mentioned by the Twitter handle @ahokfornobel, which is reportedly run from Oslo, Norway, which hosts the Nobel Prize ceremony every year. Until this report was published the account only had 583 followers.

The account is linked to the website www.ahokfornobel.com where people can show their support for Ahok to receive the Nobel Prize.

Courtesy of Jakarta Globe