The lawmaker’s abusive behaviour, which was caught on camera,took place on Thursday.

Mumbai:  A jailed NCP lawmaker from Maharashtra hurled expletives at a police officer outside the Byculla jail in state capital Mumbai because the van that was to pick him up was late. Ramesh Kadam has been in jail for 19 months, arrested by the Devendra Fadnavis government in August 2015 in a 300 crore scam.

The lawmaker’s abusive behaviour, which was caught on camera, took place on Thursday. 

The incident took place when the cops were taking the MLA to the hospital for a medical examination. The lawmaker was angry that the police officer had made him wait; the van that was to take him for the check-up hadn’t showed up so far. “You don’t know who I am”, the lawmaker reportedly told the police officer.

His rant continued even after he noticed someone recording a video of the Incident. He demanded the camera be turned off. At one point, the lawmaker even threatened to file a corruption complaint against him. The police officer.

Last year, it was during a hearing in a case linked to Ramesh Kadam that prompted the Nagpur bench of the Bombay High Court to lash out at the government for not doing enough to prevent “such unscrupulous holders of the posts” to swindle public money.

“If the same loot continues, taxpayers may resort to a ‘non-cooperation movement’ and refuse to pay taxes,” Justice Chaudhari of the high court had remarked.

Mr Kadam was the chairman of the Annabhau Sathe Development Corporation set up by the government to extend financial assistance to members of the Matang community in the state. But, according to the police, he diverted funds to companies that he controlled. In March, a special court hearing the case had ordered attachment of property to the tune of 135 crore that the lawmaker and his associates had bought from the proceeds.

BJP’s Kirit Somaiya suggested that the video showed that such people had not left their corrupt practices. “This issue will be investigated,” he said, lamenting that NCP leaders were just not ready to improve.

Courtesy of NDTV News