SINGAPORE: Changi Airport on Monday (Jun 19) released its first images of its new Terminal 4, set to open in the second half of this year.

On its Facebook page, it said that visitors approaching the terminal’s kerbsite would be greeted with a greenwall facade draped with 16,000 plants.

The interior of the building, with its high ceiling and no columns, would give travellers “a clear view” to allow them to find their way around, the airport said.

The “vast and spacious” Terminal 4 gives visitors a clear view of the interior, says Changi Airport. (Photo: Changi Airport’s Facebook page)

A high ceiling with no columns in the middle of the departure hall will give travellers a clear line of sight, while the petal-shaped skylights allow natural light into Terminal 4. (Photo: Changi Airport’s Facebook page)


“Colourful and cushy chairs” would be provided in the departure transit areas, it said.

“Colourful and cushy chairs” in Terminal 4’s departure transit area. (Photo: Changi Airport’s Facebook page)

Travellers heading to their boarding gates would get a view of Runway 2 along the way.

The spacious boarding area in Terminal 4 gives travellers a great view of Runway 2 as they wait for their flight. (Photo: Changi Airport’s Facebook page)

The arrival hall features natural light against greenery on the walls, the post said.

Bask in natural light against greenery on the walls of Terminal 4’s Arrival Hall. (Photo: Changi Airport’s Facebook page)

The terminal will also have more than 80 retail outlets and a new heritage-themed zone.

Courtesy of Channel News Asia