A public forum on national reconciliation is held on Monday. It was attended by representatives from 12 central provinces, political parties, two political groups, NGOs and the private sector. (Photo by Apichart Jinakul)

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has approved the “reconciliation social contract”, with the focus on clean politics, application of the King’s Science, problem-solving through Parliament and compliance with the national strategy.

The 10 points in the document came from opinions collected by a committee but Gen Prayut added another 15 remarks in the appendix to clarify them.

Among the points added by the prime minister is that politicians should not exercise the executive power only to win votes.

There must be mechanisms to hold political parties to account when they make announcements, campaigns and policies that have not been comprehensively analysed for their impacts, cost-effectiveness and risks.

Politicians must also perform duties honestly and take responsibility for their actions.

“Corruption at the policy level must be closely monitored. Election campaigns must be scrutinised and people must have a say in checking state assets.”

Political parties must also improve their screening process to get appropriate candidates.

Thais must take part in the people’s chapter of politics and accept the differences of opinions.

“They must also help strengthen and promote political institutions so that clean and fair elections are possible.

They should accept the results of elections conducted legitimately and with good governance.

The agreement also focuses on the application of the King’s Science to everyday life based on sufficiency economy principles.     

Promotion of the grassroots economy, utilities, self-improvement and the restructuring of the economy to enhance competitiveness and incomes are also mentioned to reduce disparities.

The 10-point agreement comprises:

1. All Thais should cooperate to create an atmosphere conducive to unity and reconciliation. They should have knowledge about and understand true democracy and exercise rights and liberties properly and appropriately within the framework of laws. They should participate in the people’s chapter of politics, accept differences of opinions and strengthen political institutions so they lead to transparent, clean and fair elections. They should accept the election results, which is the consensus of all Thais, and take part in the checks and balances of the state and seek solutions to problems through the parliamentary system.

2. All Thais should adapt the King’s science in everyday life and at work so they can rely on themselves. They should have morality, ethics and compassion and joins hands in strengthening local professions and the grassroots economy which links to the free economy. They should promote the nationwide provision of utilities and focus on developing themselves so they have the capabilities to upgrade their incomes and create opportunities to compete economically.

3. All Thais should adhere to the principles of morality and ethics in leading their lives. They should not cooperate or support corruption and all forms of irregularities. They should take part in checking to prevent corruption at all levels to create a corruption-free society.

4. All Thais should take part in supporting the conservation of national resources and the environment, and recognise their value when using them. They should accept and have confidence in honest and fair distribution of national resources. They should participate in the management of natural resources based on national interests.

5. All Thais should support and promote quality of life and comprehensive access to public health and education so they can live in society happily.

6. All Thais should respect, have confidence and comply with the laws. They should support and promote the justice system to maintain order in society.

7. All Thais should apply caution in getting news from several forms of media and watch out for the distortion and propagation of misinformation which may create conflicts in society.

8. All Thais should help promote society to meet international standards in line with the international conventions Thailand ratified.

9. All Thais should support and promote reform in all areas in the same direction by allowing all sides to take part in every step.

10. All Thais should learn, cooperate and support the steering of the country based on the national strategy.            

Courtesy of Bangkok Post