US sailors and marines participated with the Indonesian Navy in a series of training exercises, including anti-piracy drills, a gunnery exercise and maritime patrol operations.

Commodore of the US Destroyer Squadron 7, Capt. Lex Walker, said the Indonesian Navy is a “valuable partner” to “ensure a secure maritime domain.”

Walker added that Carat Indonesia provided both navies an opportunity to work together in enhancing their mutual capabilities.

Carat Indonesia is part of a broader bilateral exercise series that the US Navy conducts with its partner navies in South and Southeast Asia.

Indonesia has been part of the Carat exercise series since it began in 1995.

The US embassy in Jakarta said the program “remains a model for cooperation that has evolved in complexity,” enabling both navies to refine their on-field operations and tactics as they respond to traditional and non-traditional challenges in maritime security.

Courtesy of Jakarta Globe